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Bah Alors Rand ?!?

Exclusive — Rand Paul on Tennessee Terror: Restrict Immigration from Muslim Nations…

JE SUIS CHICKEN (America snubs historic Paris rally against islamic terrorism: why can’t Barack Hussein bring himself to utter those two words, side by side ?)

  The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. Barack Hussein Obama (UN, Sep. 25, 2012) More than a million people turned out. More than 40 presidents and prime ministers were there. It was, as the New York Times reported, “the most striking show of solidarity in the West against […]

Une idéologie sinistre, toujours là…

As the world marks the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on Nov. 9, 1989, we should also remember the many dozens of people who died trying to get past it.

The Answer

Islamist preacher Sven Lau talks during a rally in July in Hamburg, Germany “He said to me, ‘I believe this life is a test and that after this life, there will be either hell or paradise,’ ” said Mr. Lau in an online video that described his conversion to Islam. “I finally had the answer […]

A degrading system…

The World Bank reported on Oct. 9 that the share of the world population living in extreme poverty had fallen to 15% in 2011 from 36% in 1990. Earlier this year, the International Labor Office reported that the number of workers in the world earning less than $1.25 a day has fallen to 375 million […]

Encore une victoire (toute proche) du socialisme…

Santiago, Chile It’s nonsense to suggest that a free society can guarantee equal opportunity or equal economic outcomes. But that doesn’t stop elected politicians in modern democracies from promising both. That’s why an A for honesty is in order for Chile’s education minister, Nicolás Eyzaguirre, who admitted in June that Socialist President Michelle Bachelet ’s […]

Napoléon vu d’outre-Manche

Heurs et malheurs du système métrique aux Etats-Unis

Le monde entier l’utilise, sauf les Etats-Unis. Pourquoi ? In the 1970s, children across America were learning the metric system at school, gas stations were charging by the liter, freeway signs in some states gave distances in kilometers, and American metrication seemed all but inevitable. But Dean Krakel, director of the National Cowboy Hall of […]

La convergence trébuche

Remarquable article dans The Economist qui fait le point sur le rattrapage (ou non) des pays riches par les pays moins développés. NOWHERE are the consequences of different rates of growth clearer than on a trip up the Pearl River Delta in southern China. At the river’s mouth sits Hong Kong, a city in which […]


Un livre sur l’histoire d’une idée, le libéralisme, libéralisme économique et libéralisme politique, libéralisme au sens américain (de gauche) et libéralisme au sens européen (pro-marché)

Cent ans

Article, commentaires  WITH four months to go before the centenary of the start of the first world war, the bombardment of new books from competing historians is growing heavier. Unlike many of the young men who went off to fight in 1914, nobody thinks it will all be over by Christmas.

Les eurosceptiques à côté de la plaque

Une nouvelle étude économique montre les bénéfices de l’appartenance à l’UE, la Grèce fait exception. Elle montre ce qu’on savait déjà, ie les gains de l’intégration, et qui explique pourquoi les peuples, malgré une opposition croissante et les défauts de l’Union, veulent en majorité y rester. Article, commentaires

Tourisme de masse

 Article, commentaires WEN ZHONG is doing what his parents could only dream of: taking a two-week tour of Europe. The 28-year-old from Shanghai has already been to France (“very beautiful”) and the Netherlands (“very good English”). He is now flying from Schiphol airport in Amsterdam to his final stop, Finland, where he hopes to see […]

Le moment Poutine

  « If I were Vladimir Putin I’d invade eastern Ukraine this week. Strike while the iron is hot. » Bret Stephens

La rébellion syrienne

Votre premier jour dans un nouveau monde

Two 100 hour scientific tests confirm anomalous heat production in Rossi’s E-Cat
May 20, 2013

Glowing HotCatA group of Italian and Swedish scientists from Bologna and Uppsala have just published their report on two tests lasting 96 and 116 hours, confirming an anomalous heat production in the energy device known as the E-Cat, developed by the Italian inventor Andrea Rossi.

« Une des grandes voix du monde libre s’est éteinte » (Dupont-Gnangnan)

Perón, autre spécialiste pour ruiner son pays durablement… Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez is dead. But chavismo, the military government that he fashioned with the help of Cuba over his 14-year rule, lives on. Restoring democracy in the oil dictatorship won’t be easy, even without the caudillo in the red beret fomenting hatred on a daily basis. Meanwhile, Venezuelans will […]

La mortalité infantile est plus élevée aux Etats-Unis !

  L’anti-américanisme de toute obédience ne cesse de se rengorger sur les statistiques de santé défavorables aux Etats-Unis par rapport à l’Europe. Notamment la mortalité infantile plus élevée. Or on sauve plus de bébés en Amérique qu’en Europe, mais les chiffres ne le montrent pas, ou sont déformés, pour une raison simple expliquée ici : […]

Mark Steyn Nails It

Disgrace in Benghazi And a dying superpower’s blundering response. By Mark Steyn So, on a highly symbolic date, mobs storm American diplomatic facilities and drag the corpse of a U.S. ambassador through the streets. Then the president flies to Vegas for a fundraiser. No, no, a novelist would say; that’s too pat, too neat in […]

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