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Petit et grand caïdat, même combat : Coran (48:20) – « Allah vous a promis un abondant butin que vous prendrez » (car c’est ainsi qu’Allah est grand).

Posted on mercredi 28 avril 2010

La sous-direction antiterroriste a arrêté mardi (27 avril) en France cinq hommes soupçonnés d’incitation au djihad sur Internet et se penche également sur un réseau présumé de braqueurs islamistes à Marseille. (more…)

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Kouffarces et attrapes : « le Coran, avec moi, c’est très simple, de ses versets sataniques, j’en fais des confettis halals » (le recyclage appliqué au petit livre vert)

Posted on mercredi 28 avril 2010

Confettis Halals

Au royaume de Bahreïn, une femme risque un an de prison supplémentaire pour avoir déchiré un exemplaire du Coran. C’est le personnel du Centre pénitentiaire de Dry Dock, où elle purge déjà une peine d’un mois pour avoir insulté des policiers, qui l’aurait surpris en train de jeter des pages du Coran à la poubelle. La femme reconnaît les faits et affirme ne rien regretter. CoRock ‘n’ Roll… (source : Gulf Daily News) (more…)

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Livres: Zemmour, Bové, Besancenot même combat! (France’s best and brightest un-PC journalist all too predictably lashes out at Anglo-American-led globalization)

Posted on mercredi 28 avril 2010

A l’heure où, dans une société en plein « malaise social », Maman Aubry nous propose un peu plus de « Care » …

Zemmour finira-t-il par voter Villepin en 2012?

Collège unique, école “éternel lieu de propagande pour la gauche”,
avortement, regroupement familial, ANPE, débat sur l’identité nationale, “diversité”, féminisme …

L’insigne bonheur avec le réjouissant trublion de service multicartes du PAF, c’est qu’en ces temps de dictature du politiquement correct, il n’évite aucun des tabous ou aucune des idées reçues qui y ont actuellement cours.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali et South Park

Posted on mercredi 28 avril 2010

‘South Park’ and the Informal Fatwa

The veiled threats against the Comedy Central show’s creators should be taken very seriously.

‘South Park » is hilarious, right? Not any more.

Last week, Zachary Adam Chesser—a 20-year-old Muslim convert who now goes by the name Abu Talhah Al-Amrikee—posted a warning on the Web site RevolutionMuslim.com following the 200th episode of the show on Comedy Central. The episode, which trotted out many celebrities the show has previously satirized, also « featured » the Prophet Muhammad: He was heard once from within a U-Haul truck and a second time from inside a bear costume.


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The growth of the state, The Economist, 23 janvier

« Huge state-run companies such as Gazprom and PetroChina are on the march. Nicolas Sarkozy, having run for office as a French Margaret Thatcher, now argues that the main feature of the credit crisis is “the return of the state, the end of the ideology of public powerlessness”. »
The result of Bush’s guns-and-butter strategy was the biggest expansion in the American state since Lyndon Johnson’s in the mid-1960s. He added a huge new drug entitlement to Medicare. He created the biggest new bureaucracy since the second world war, the Department of Homeland Security. He expanded the federal government’s control over education and over the states. The gap between American public spending and Canada’s has tumbled from 15 percentage points in 1992 to just two percentage points today.
Crises can be the midwives of serious thinking. The stagflation of the 1970s prepared the way for the Reagan and Thatcher revolutions. More recently, several countries have dealt with out-of-control spending by introducing dramatic cuts: New Zealand, Canada and the Netherlands all reduced public spending by as much as 10% from 1992 onwards.
Fear of terrorism and worries about rising crime have also inflated the state. Governments have expanded their ability to police and supervise their populations. Britain has more than 4m CCTV cameras, one for every 14 people. In Liverpool the police have taken to using unmanned aerial drones, similar to those used in Afghanistan, to supervise the population.
Governments will have to ask fundamental questions—such as whether it makes sense to let people retire at 65 when they are likely to live for another 20 years. Nda : Mdr, en France le PS, le reste de la gauche et les syndicats ne veulent pas démordre des 60 ans…
The public sector is subjected to all sorts of perverse incentives. Politicians use public money to “buy” votes. America is littered with white elephants such as the John Murtha airport in Jonestown, Pennsylvania, which cost hundreds of millions of dollars but serves only a handful of passengers, including Mr Murtha, who happens to be chairman of a powerful congressional committee. Interest groups spend hugely to try to affect political decisions: there are 1,800 registered lobbyists in the European Union, 5,000 in Canada and no fewer than 15,000 in America. Mr Bush’s energy bill was so influenced by lobbyists that John McCain dubbed it the “No Lobbyist Left Behind” act. »


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Seeing Further

Posted on mercredi 28 avril 2010

« The sun formed 4-5 billion years ago, but it’s got 6 billion more before the fuel runs out. Any creature witnessing the sun’s demise 6 billion years hence, here on Earth or beyond, won’t be human – they’ll be as different from us as we are from bacteria. »
Lord Martin Rees, président de la Royal Society, dans la conclusion du livre.

Le titre vient de la célèbre phrase de Newton en 1676 : « If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. »

Un compte rendu : (more…)