eXc: Nous aimons la liberté, l'état de droit, l'héritage des Lumières, la séparation de l'église et de l'état, l'humour. Nous n'aimons pas le fascisme, le communisme, l'antiaméricanisme, l'antisémitisme, le racisme, la bureaucratie, les totalitarismes. Nous estimons que le plus grave danger que courent les démocraties libérales est de céder à l'islamofascisme. Lire plus


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À lire aussi.

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Bonne nouvelle pour les Islamistes

Posted on jeudi 20 septembre 2007

Islam, the Marxism of Our Time
Some troubling signs in Europe

Theodore Dalrymple
17 September 2007

From an Islamist point of view, the news from Europe looks good. The Times of London, relying on a police report, recently observed that the Deobandis, a fundamentalist sect, now run nearly half of the 1,350 mosques in Britain and train the vast majority of the Muslim clerics who get their training in the country. The man who might become the sect’s spiritual leader in Britain, Riyadh ul Haq, believes that friendship with a Christian or a Jew makes “a mockery of Allah’s religion.” At least no one could accuse him of a shallow multiculturalism.


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Silence radio dans les médias français, pour l’instant.

PJM PARIS….FLASH: The French Appellate court trial of Phillippe Karsenty in the matter of Mohammed Al Dura – the epochal case of the Palestinian boy allegedly shot by Israeli troops in 2000 – took a huge turn today. Photos of the boy have been accused of being the birth of fauxtography. For the first time the court has ordered France 2 to produce the original tapes that could prove the whole enterprise a fake.

Révolution française

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French Revolution
Sarkozy takes on the welfare state.

Thursday, September 20, 2007 12:01 a.m. EDT
Unveiling his domestic reform agenda in Paris Tuesday, Nicolas Sarkozy called for « a new social contract » for France. His proposed revision of French socialist tradition going back to Jean-Jacques Rousseau is nothing short of revolutionary. His ability to deliver will make or break his presidency.

True to character, Mr. Sarkozy came out swinging. The new President declared that France’s generous welfare state is « unjust » and « financially untenable, » « discourages work and job creation, » and « fails to bring equal opportunity. » The result: France’s jobless rate is the euro zone’s highest.

The President wants « a new social contract founded on work, merit and equal opportunity. » He promised to loosen restrictions on working hours and toughen up requirements for jobless benefits, to ease hiring and firing rules and reduce incentives to retire early.

Cautious optimism is in order. (more…)

Veille médiatique: Un nouveau PPDA mène ABC news en bateau pendant cinq ans (French Jayson Blair makes a fool out of ABC)

Posted on jeudi 20 septembre 2007

Combien de journalistes indignes de ce nom, de fautes professionnelles ou de bidonneurs de CV encore non repérés en France, nous demandions-nous récemment …


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« So it turns out that French women do get fat.
French men also. But most troubling to a country that prides itself on an extraordinary approach to life and eating, French children are getting pudgier too.
The problem is nowhere near as bad as it is in the United States, where 65% of the population has serious weight problems, or in parts of southern Europe such as Spain and Portugal, where the vaunted Mediterranean diet hasn’t helped the one-third of the children who are more than just plump. »

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