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Le Figaro and Freedom of Speech

Posté le vendredi 29 septembre 2006 par lagrette

This a translation of the September 29th, 2006 front page editorial in Le Figaro titled « Le Figaro » et la liberte d’expression, by Francis Morel, directeur de la publication, and Nicolas Beytout , directeur de la redaction.

In the Friday edition of Le Figaro, the editorial director and the managing editor of the daily react to the fact that a philosopher under death threats had to be put under police protection for having written a very critical essay on Islam in the columns of Le Figaro.

For 10 days, a professor of philosophy has been threatened with death because he wrote a very critical essay on Islam in Le Figaro. He had to stop teaching, leave his home and be put under the protection of the police.

Le Figaro is a newspaper opened to various opinions. Every day, we welcome in our columns contradictory points of view, debates and polemics. Of course, we have a strong editorial line and we do not share all of these ideas, far from it, nor the manner in which they are sometimes expressed. But we consider that, beyond information, the role of a newspaper is to provide its readers all that can allow them to analyze the news in depth. And, to understand our world, to form an opinion, it is also necessary to know how to look at those who live in another way and listen to those who think in another way.

We therefore condemn with the utmost vigor the serious infringements to freedom of thought and freedom of expression tha this affair has caused.

Translation by Lagrette

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    Joe B.:

    Europe needs to have hundreds of newspapers publishing thousands of essays like Mr. Redeker’s. Nothing less than traditional European culture is at stake. If Europe in general, and France in particular, isn’t willing to stridently defend its culture, then, frankly, such culture isn’t worth saving, is it? The choice is Europe’s to make. Please just ensure you continue to look after those 110,000 Canadian war graves over there, if you know what I mean.

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    E.C. Lowrance:

    I applaud professor Redeker for his courage in addressing this issue and Le Figaro for its support of his right to do so. It is very gratifying to me as an American to hear that not all the people of Europe, particularly France, have yet surrendered their liberty and culture to those who would destroy both.

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    Steve Gregg:

    If you don’t defend Professor Redeker’s right to speak, you will all lose your right to speak freely. If you don’t act now on these small things, it may become too late to act when the radical Muslims demand larger concessions to Islam.

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    Mary Harmon:

    I wholeheartedly support the rights of Professor Redeker and Le Figaro’s statement: « We therefore condemn with the utmost vigor the serious infringements to freedom of thought and freedom of expression that this affair has caused. »

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