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Un Musulman modere, si, si …

Posted on jeudi 31 août 2006

Article d’un journaliste de Barhein, Omran Salman, qui s’insurge contre ses co-religionaires de CAIR et autre organisations musulmanes americaines et leur habitude de jouer aux martyrs et crier a l’islamophobie a chaque fois que les islamo-fasicistes sont critiques

Misguided Muslim groups
Focus should be on extremists’ war against the West.
By Omran Salman

On Aug. 10, British police arrested 24 Muslim suspects in a plot to blow up 10 U.S.-bound jetliners over the Atlantic. If successful, the attack would have killed thousands of people. The terrorists were motivated by religious extremism.

Rather than just condemn the plot and address the scourge of Islamic extremism, Muslim groups such as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) and the Muslim American Society (MAS) sought to both legitimize terror and portray Muslims as victims.

Do these organizations really represent Muslims in the West? Hardly. It is their apologia of Islamic extremism, rather than discrimination or religious hatred in Western society, which most victimizes American Muslims. (more…)

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La presse contre-attaque

Posted on jeudi 31 août 2006

Le ministre des Affaires Etrangères, Alexandre Downer, a mis en doute l’attaque contre l’ambulance libanaise qui a fait la une des journaux il y a un mois.

Le correspondant de The Australian, Martin Chulov, ne pouvait permettre un tel outrage, et il répond. Petit bémol, les deux versions n’ont pas grand-chose à voir.

Version du 26 juillet « The convoy was struck by two rockets fired from an Apache helicopter, just before midnight, severely injuring all six people on board »

Version du 31 Août« Downer is wrong. The damage done was consistent with ruined cars and vans that I saw elsewhere in Lebanon and earlier in Gaza, which had been hit by a missile fired from a drone. The Israeli-made drones have many types of missiles, but the most regularly used has a small warhead designed for use in urban areas. It aims not to kill anyone outside a small zone and rarely leaves a calling card outside its target »

Les autres petites différences:

The “first ambulance”, no. 782, was speeding in a convoy AND stationary; * The six people on board the convoy were all severely injured except Shalin the driver AND only two were severely injured; * Shalin was protected by the driver’s canopy AND by the vehicle’s rear ramp; *

; * The missile pierced the centre of the red cross on ambulance 782 AND “an explosion thundered” into the ambulance; * Shalin “remembers nothing” after the flash-bang-crunch of the crash AND he remembers that “then there was a battle for the next hour” and “we hid in a building convinced we were going to die”.

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La guerre des medias contre Israel

Posted on jeudi 31 août 2006

Melanie Philips a un bon resume ( un peu long) des differents « incidents » qui grace a la blogosphere ont revele le parti pris des medias durant cette guerre du Liban.

August 30, 2006

The media war against Israel

Early in the recent Lebanon war, the blogosphere revealed the fabrication of images by Reuters, whose reputation is now in shreds among those dwindling numbers in the western mainstream media who still acknowledge there is such a thing as the truth. Since then, the nature and scale of the various frauds perpetrated by the media during that war put those doctored Reuters pictures into the shade. The western media are no longer merely producing questionable professional practices in reporting a war. They are now active participants in it — and on the wrong side of history.One of the very few politicians to voice concern at this phenomenon is Australia’s foreign minister Alexander Downer, who said:

What concerns me greatly is the evidence of dishonesty in the reporting out of Lebanon. For example, a Reuters photographer was forced to resign after doctoring images to exaggerate the impact of Israeli air attacks. There were the widely-reported claims that Israel had bombed deliberately a Red Cross ambulance.

In subsequent weeks, the world has discovered those allegations do not stand up to even the most rudimentary scrutiny. After closer study of the images of the damage to the ambulance, it is beyond serious dispute that this episode has all the makings of a hoax. Yet some of the world’s most prestigious media outlets, including some of those represented here today, ran that story as fact – unchallenged, unquestioned. Similarly, there has been the tendency to report every casualty on the Lebanese side of the conflict as if a civilian casualty, when it was indisputable that a great many of those injured or killed in Israeli offensives were armed Hezbollah combatants.

My point is this: in a grown-up society such as our own, the media cannot expect to get away with parading falsehoods as truths, or ignoring salient facts because they happen to be inconvenient to the line of argument – or narrative – that particular journalists, or media organisations, might choose to adopt on any given controversy or issue.

Can anyone imagine the British Foreign Secretary, Margaret Beckett, saying this? Of course not. The level of anti-Israel, anti-American madness (more…)

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Les détails qui tuent, Laurent Murawiec à Washington © Metula News Agency

Posted on jeudi 31 août 2006

On voudra bien, je l’espère, me pardonner l’énumération un peu ennuyeuse de l’affaire qui suit ; elle mérite toutefois d’être récapitulée pas à pas, tant son déroulement illustre à merveille la manière dont fonctionne, ou « malfonctionne », la politique à Washington et les effets délétères de sa misérable mesquinerie sur les grandes affaires et sur la politique mondiale. Un peu de patience, donc, pendant que j’essaie de démonter une mécanique plutôt salissante.

Dans son argumentaire concernant le programme d’acquisition et de développement d’armes de destruction massives de Saddam Hussein, le discours sur l’état de l’union du 20 janvier 2003 du président Bush comportait une rapide mention – 16 mots – de tentatives irakiennes d’acheter au Niger des matériaux (du yellowcake faisant partie du cycle nucléaire. (more…)

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